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Default Re: Australian Ground Crew Members?

I just finished listening to Lindsey Williams on the Alex Jones show. The topics included:
1. World-wide food riots in 2009. Problem-reaction-solution.
2. Imminent US financial collapse (tax base collapsing as fewer workers paying less tax, petrol taxes collapsing as petrol is cheap now...). New currency on the way.
3. Price of oil at $US38 & will stay here for some time. 4.70,000 factories close in China - imminent riots there of starving workers.
5. Massive inflation around the corner.
6. Soon every bank, most houses & businesses will end up being owned by the elite.
7. US Police state here to control future rioting.

To listen go to youtube & search for thealexjoneschannel or use itunes to down load the podcast for 18/2/09 (use itunes 4.9+ by adding this podcasting feed:
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