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Default Re: New Book: Secrets of Anti-Gravity Propulstion: Tesla, UFOs, ect

Originally Posted by Luminari View Post
Thanks for the heads up. I ordered the book. Excited.
I'm glad you are excited as well. I would like to know your thoughts on it after you've had a chance to read it through.

Within the first few chapters is an experiment that would not be so hard to
set up at home. I'm talking about what T.T. Brown called
the 'gravitator'. <-- Spell check doesn't like that word.
Inside the book is a nice diagram of the gravitator along with enough
information to serve as a guide so that one may experiment if they wanted.
This is all I have read so far, the first few chapters. I've browsed through the rest.
I was happy to see that the math behind the writers subjects was also included. The math itself goes well beyond my math skills. But this will be
an exciting way to learn math if I ever found one.
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