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Default Re: Spirituality or Knowledge

It becomes apparent to me as each day passes that my spiritual journey has started to speed up, which requires more intention and more maturity. The process seems to be more challenging today than ever before, yet it does not scare me as much as I thought it would.

Everywhere the Universe keeps nudging me in a certain direction, while providing abundant advice along the way. Everything posted on this thread seems to really be relevant to my day to day struggles. Everyone's words of widsom prove to be very useful in the times I find myself.

I have to admit that there lingers in me a destructive/fearful thought pattern that seems to really be fighting for its survival, inside me. Almost as if I have ignored facing this certain characteristic my whole life, and now I have decided to face it once and for all. This seems to be troublesome archetype for everytime I fall under his "spell" I always end up in the darkness.

Maybe someone else has had or is having a similar experience. I would love nothing more than to leave this pattern behind, yet it has a very persistant presence and will not go away easily. So maybe some more tips and advise... since it all has been so useful up until now.

Thanks again to everyone who is helping this Fool along his path.

Stay classy Project Avalon!!!
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