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i seem to struggle with cultivating energy. there are a lot of days that i feel drained all day. any suggestions?
Thank God for making you feel better, and full of energy. I do it all the time, and it has yet to fail. The only problem is that you have to remember to do it when your feeling down... lol. Learned this one from good ol Dr. Wayne Dyer. It used to take a couple hours to take effect, now it happens in about 30 minutes... dont know why though.

I find what happens to me is that I might do something that brings me out of the light, and then I get stuck there. And after I ask for energy and to feel good, I also release what ever I am clinging to... cause I find it just leads to another dark thought. Learned this one from good ol Ekhart.

But there are a million things you can do... I know a few of them, or atleast a few that work for me.
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