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Default Re: Spirituality or Knowledge

It seems that one day will be an extreme day of "knowledge", in which my mind will not slow down and only wants to acquire new information.

Yet other days feels extremely "spiritual" and nothing pleases me more than sitting on the grass next to a pond or a river, smellings the aroma of flowers and trees, hearing all the bugs calling out to each other, feeling the warm sun around me.

Sometimes these days come so unexpectedly I feel guilty for I did nothing to deserve such experiences. Days like these are what balances the heavy load of having "Knowledge Seeking" days, for its not easy to seek solutions to problems that no one around you really cares to burdern themselves with.

In this moment, it would seem that I could be called a Knowledge Seeker, who at times forgets/remembers the Spiritual Journey. The wisdom to unite both aspect harmoniously seems to be a lesson coming up in my path.

Each day it becomes clearer that it does little good to possess knowledge if it cannot be used to serve others in a positive way. One challenge I face is overcoming personal fear of the Unknown, in order to communicate peacefully the worldly truths learned over this past year.

Maybe I am not alone in this crossroad of spiritual adventures, and if not let me hear some advice as to encourage some thoughts of Hope and Love.

Stay classy Project Avalon

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