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Default Re: Good bye -- Also does Project Avalon library still exist?

Originally Posted by wfranzen View Post
Thanks Mudra,

I have received my invite and have signed up at PA2. But I am tired right now and intend to not post there for a while and certainly not visit the new forum as much as I have visited here. There are one or two additional posts I may make here before PA becomes read only -- then again maybe not. The forum has been inaccessible a lot lately.

Perhaps I will visit over at the Mists, but not for a while.

Safe journeys,
When things are breaking apart like this new opportunities arise .
We arrived at a cross roads .
The time calls for reflexion to know which path to take next.
Enjoy your break .. you'll come out of it stronger.
Would you visit the Mists in the future come and say hello to me .
I'll be pleased to greet you

Be well and stay strong in your heart wfranzen.

Love from me
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