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Default Re: Good bye -- Also does Project Avalon library still exist?

Originally Posted by mudra View Post
Forums have been slow lately .. This might account for you not having received your invite yet .
If this is what you want may your dream come through.
As regard the library you may want to PM Winadeyo on the PA as she was handling it .
Also hope you get a proper answer from the mods . Gaialove would certainly know .

Blessings on your journey Wfranzen .
May you do well .
Thank you for the music

Love from me
Thanks Mudra,

I have received my invite and have signed up at PA2. But I am tired right now and intend to not post there for a while and certainly not visit the new forum as much as I have visited here. There are one or two additional posts I may make here before PA becomes read only -- then again maybe not. The forum has been inaccessible a lot lately.

Perhaps I will visit over at the Mists, but not for a while.

Safe journeys,
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