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Here and Now

“Our ascension”, as I learned on the other side,
from the Gaia perspective,
Is a very natural evolution of dense being into more subtle being.

Already at the quantum level the human body is so very subtle.
No two atoms even touch.
We are more spirit than flesh, always have been,
Always will be.

The distance from the outside of an atom to the inside of an atom
Is the same distance as from here to forever.

The journey from the outside to the inside,
From the inside to the outside,
From anywhere to here is an impossible journey
that happens everyday in everything, everywhere.

There is no beginning or end to our journey.
Life did not begin here nor does it end here.
We have already been Alive Forever.

Let’s open our Eye.

The journey is not linear or time restricted.
Dive in when and where you choose.

Why wait?

The end of time/space illusion is near.
How near?
Is Now a Good Time?

The Past, Present and Future come together Now.

Lamuria is now, Atlantis is now, even the unimagined Future is now.
We are all here together, right now!

The next epoch of consciousness/history is the Knowing of Now.

Time stops in the here and now.

Maybe there never was a Past
Maybe there is no Future

Listen to your teachers
It is always now
It Always was now , it always will be now
The only time you have is now

The ever brilliantly expanding now

Is the universe expanding or is our consciousness expanding?
Who is to say, if not you, our sweet self?

There is no other self but the self
Inner, outer, you, me, them
There is no self but the self
Micro, macro, mumbo Jumbo

Let the infant intellect Split hairs to infinity
And you still end up here and now!

Be joyful for
We have never died and we are only waking up!

Mellen Thomas Benedict

Love Always
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