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a song of love

it begins with the scent of a flower,at the moment of sunrise
with a rememberance of last nights rain
a whispered breath on the nape of your neck
a perfect mixture of pleasure,of pain
angel be ready,for sunshines sweet kiss
the harps of the stars play to fill you
an ode to the blood in mine veins
a symphony of love sings true

a blade of grass wakes
to the dream of the tree,sweet and honey
and the dew says goodbye
off to the clouds,to come back to the trees
tomorrows promises are yet thought
yesterdays rememberd
the birds sing it in unison
a symphony of love

and there is you
and there is me
and there is us
remembering to sing a song of love

and i think to myself
this is just the beginning

peace,love and harmony...kent

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