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The Veil

If we are not busy fooling ourselves, we realize that spiritual experiences don't necessarily manifest for us “on demand.” Why do we have to go through a process of self development in order to become “spiritual?” And, why is it that once a person experiences a spiritual breakthrough, it is as though the entire world looks and manifests differently than ever before?

As soon as we try to open ourselves to the Divine, our awareness turns to the matter of availability. We realize that our mental or emotional state has obscured the Divine from us. What is the explanation for this?

Throughout the Creation a type of membrane in the form of a transitional energetic field exists known as The Veil. Crucial components of the process of life itself are made possible in Creation by the presence of The Veil. The veil lies between dimensions of the Resonant Being and the Reflective Creation. The Veil, like a filter, is capable of allowing or blocking the flow of Life from either direction. The Veil is also the reason why a person has free will, and is able to develop the relationship with the Divine according to his or her own appetite. However, where an individual is on the fragmented side of creation outside the veil, perception is inaccurate and the attainment of truth is effectively impossible.

The Law of Separation explains the distinction between that which is Holy and “everything else.” Here is how the Law of Separation works: In order to create Life the Divine being exhibits a form of contraction known in Kabbalah as tzim-tzum. Tzim-tzum happens when the Divine Creator withdraws slightly from the Creation, creating a void which stands between the Creation and the presence of the Divine Being itself. It is not that the Divine being seeks to separate from the creation, but the Divine Being contracts causing the creation to rush towards the Divine Being and elevate itself in a spiral of enhanced relatedness. This is what causes growth to take place in creation and it is a cyclical activity which from the standpoint of time is eternal. The space left between the Divine Being and creation upon tzim-tzum is The Veil.

As a result of the lessons and individual experiences during a lifetime, the person gains perception of the effects of actions and chooses to take actions which lead to better effects. Over time, the person becomes more and more consistent with the Divine purpose for which they are created, and this allows a greater volume of awareness and life to pass through The Veil. As a person grows and becomes more and more congruent with the inner guidance that has been received, the realm of The Veil or its filtering characteristic becomes thinner and thinner. Eventually it disappears altogether.

Love Always
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