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Default Hollow Earth..I don't get why we don't we fly off the Earth as it spins?

I have been watching video's on Hollow Earth and listening to Coast to Coast interviews with various people interested in this subject and they discuss gravity alot... One theory that the Hollow Earth gravity is what keeps the inhabitants on the ground (back to front from us) as they are illumiated by the central sun , the core of our planet...

This makes sense as if you spin a bucket of water round and round like a plane propella, the water doesn't fall out, due to the G-force or gravity.

So can any one explain to me why we dont' fly off the surface of the Earth as she spins???

If you spin a wet ball, the water flys off the ball , due to the gravity, so gravity of a spinning sphere causes the things on the out side surface to travel outward??? So... we should be flying out wards...away from the Earth with the gravational force of the spin??? Instead of sticking to the surface? Objects should fall towards the sky and not to the ground??? I don't understand...
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