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Default Re: Spirituality or Knowledge

Originally Posted by Norval View Post
Deep? Well, I started this with my sandals on and now I am changing into my hip waders and thinking I may need my chest waders soon.
Hmm, noticing that you are on a boat you might even have that stuff available.. ;-)

Originally Posted by Norval View Post
When it comes to "spirituality" most posts seem to be more of a philosophical nature. Not very many posts about knowledge showing up yet though.
It seems all knowledge is relative. And there aren't to many basis truths to build reality on.. (Hence my quote below.)
For example, if one combines the unit for Length, a Standarized Meter, how does this relate to an expanding universe? Is the Meter of 2 seconds ago, the same absolute length as the Meter that we experience or measure now? How could we measure that expansion, if everything expanded, even the "Meter" we consider as standard?

Originally Posted by Norval View Post
An old quote I like about "knowledge" is by Will Rodgers 1938,
"It's not what you know, or don't know, but what you know that isn't so that will hurt you."
And true it is, but then again, What can really happen to us?
At most the third eye closes... And the atoms and molecules that our spirit held together, become dust in the wind and basis for other iife to build with.

The big question is, at what side of the 3rd eye is the observer?
Or where does the reader prefer to be? And based on what information/knowledge?

I threw a thought a while back in an IRC channel, that maybe sheds some light into this issue.

"Just a thought... Skip if you're not interested, but I do think that life is funny,
and how society bases everything on what happens on the outside of you, AND thus makes you concentrate on a "closed" box,
instead of what it is really about, the inside of you, that is limitless?
(And that you haven't thought about something yet, doesn't mean it ain't there or possible, correct?) "

Needless to say, there was no reflection from the void on the channel.
Maybe you have a thought there that adds or shows the inconsistency?
If so be welcome. I look forward to your thoughts to enhance mine and to learn..

Peace TranceAm

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