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Default Re: Anyone in Southern California?

Hi there, I'm in So Cal too. Inland Empire's San Bernardino Mountains.

There is a lot of Air Force activity around here too. I'm not too far from Edwards and Norton. Tehatchapie(sp?) isn't too far either in terms of flight time. Lots of it, esp at night. Hard to see tho because of all the trees :-). I'm not complaining.

As I posted on another thread, a friend of mine works for a govt agency and has been talking since about April of the attack 'they' want on Iran. He now seems to think it's going to take place in Oct but won't say much more than that. He's giving his girlfriend a b'day party this weekend and none of his airforce friends are able to come, confined to base now, he says. He also mentioned that they will give him at least 2 days, but more likely 1 week notice of his pending trip to the mid-east before the firestorm.

It's all so very insane.

I'll try to find out more but he's a wily sort and won't say much. When I asked about Russ missiles pointed at Israel, he told me I wasn't supposed to know about that and to watch what I say with a warning of what could happen to me.

He also mentioned H5N1 as a very possible outbreak. He thinks it might just happen rather than be released and suggested I get a vaccine.
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