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Default Re: Anyone in Southern California?

Originally Posted by wildmage View Post
So Cal Pomona/Chino area

Nice to see so many in so cal paying attention... quite small actually considering the 12mil+ in the area

At least a small group may have a chance, or at least will be prepared if something occurs.

An excellent source of information if you can get your hands on it is an older boys scout handbook. Quite a bit on first aid, shelter, plants, and basic wilderness survival, like fire, water purification, and adverse weather...

anywho... as you can see lots of work ahead of us, but perhaps as a group and sharing resources and support for one another we can get ready.
I was an Eagle scout many years ago and hadn't even thought of all the information they have in their manuals... I dug it up and dusted it off, lots of great info.

Right now, I've stocked up on the usual, Flour, Sugar, beans and rice...

I have a big deep freeze, that is run on a perpetual generator, kind of a fun project, my first version is huge, but enough power to keep the meat cold.

I've designed a truck that runs perpetual, and will actually creates electricity while it is on the road, I need a very large battery system to handle storage, but haven't had the funds to build it yet, I have a few more months to hit the Lotto before I'll be ready to start building them...

I have 6 tanks of Propane to cook what is in my deepfreeze, boil water etc.

I plan on building another generator so we can play video games while we wait for the world to power back up...

So you are all invited to come join me while we figure out what to do next...
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