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Default Re: Anyone in Southern California?

So Cal Pomona/Chino area

Nice to see so many in so cal paying attention... quite small actually considering the 12mil+ in the area

At least a small group may have a chance, or at least will be prepared if something occurs.

An excellent source of information if you can get your hands on it is an older boys scout handbook. Quite a bit on first aid, shelter, plants, and basic wilderness survival, like fire, water purification, and adverse weather.

Also look at how the miners lived food, types of supplies, hehe have you thought about buying a burro lately. Also learn how to generate your own power, buy magnets, solar panels, wrap your own coils, or learn how to use tempature differences to generate electricity. also buy LEDs they are cheap, last longer, use less electricity, and shine brighter, then regular light bulbs.

Learn what you can about farming, specifically germinating your own seeds, types of soils, times to plant... get a farmers almanac and learn how to read it.

Have your escape routes, planned including rendevouz points with loved ones if something happens. Figure out how you will communicate if items like cells, phones, internet, stop working. During the last earthquake centered in chino, cell towers were either overwhelmed, turned off, or limited to 911 calls only for about 5-10 minutes. So know ahead of time how your communications will work, even if it is ham radio, cb radio, or carrier pigeon.

Do not count on luxuries like refrigeration, learn how to smoke and salt meat so that it remains preserved without refrigeration. Canning / making preserves and drying out your fruits and vetgetables is another skill you need.

Weapons, in the event of martial law the last thing you want to be caught with is a gun, a walking stick is good as a staff. a piece of cloth or leather that can be used as a sling is another good choice. If you have a pre-planed location of where you are going move items that you will need and will be too dangerous to carry before you anticipate needing them. Either that or you will need to risk coming back for them.

Do not expect your vehicle to be of much use to you and in so cal that is a tall order, however you need to be prepared and have contingencies in place in the event you need to hike it out of danger. What can you carry comfortably for 50 or so miles or for 5 days in a row. On your path where will you get food and water. what areas will offer you the most shelter. if you need to defend yourself how will you diffuse the situation. Have something to offer tobacco, a harmonica, a good watch, anything that shows you are not a threat. Take a basic self defense class in the event diplomacy does not work.

anywho... as you can see lots of work ahead of us, but perhaps as a group and sharing resources and support for one another we can get ready.
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