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Originally Posted by Lorien View Post
Very good question. It's possible it would work. However I know many people who have skulls and scary faces and such tattooed on them, and they are friendly, caring, and in good health.

I think more so than the symbol is the emotion and feeling that goes into it. If you love the design, and fill it with positive thoughts, you will get positive reactions, no matter how "scary" it looks.
Right, I think that positive/negative things depend on what value we give them, why does a word radiate positive vibrations while others radiate in a negative form, I personally think that my girlfriend knows that she has beautiful symbols on her back, she will be and feel alright, donīt you agree?

And if other people can look at the symbols, (and can read japanese) they will think positive onto here......this is kinda cool I think.........

Sleepingnomore, I love to be around you all, this is an awesome community....

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