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Default Re: experiencing Richard Boylan's controlling forum

Originally Posted by Adarajones View Post
Forgive me but, Dr. Boylan's level of delusional thinking is impossible to reason with.

I have been a member of his UFOfacts group for over two years, just to see how far is he willing to go with his delusional way of reasoning.

Although I believe that everyone is entitled to express their thoughts, if you knew him, you do realize that in engaging him could get you booted out of UFOFacts group just for having a different take on things!!


For Boylan, anyone with whom he disagrees (for whatever reason, personal or otherwise) is a puppet of the Cabal, spouting disinformation. He tars everyone with this brush when he can’t bring himself to agree with or support someone else’s honest work - which is fairly often.
I agree with you 100% I must have missed you on the UFOFacts forum, as I too have been an ‘observing’ member, although not quite as long as you. I too found out he was manipulative in what he would allow to be posted.

On his website in November of 2008, was this item:

"There is an asteroid headed on a collision course with Earth. It is 8/10 of a mile long and 6/10 of a mile wide (1.4 km long by 1 km wide). On its current course it would, if it penetrated Earth’s atmosphere, be due to impact the North Atlantic at about 2:30-3:00 pm EST on November 15, 2008.
Everyone is invited to join in this upcoming special Joint Psychic Exercise on November 15, 10:30 am, PST,/ 1:30 pm, EST,”

I tried to inform his group about meteorites and how to find out more information. I sent the UFOFacts forum this message:

“Subject: Re: Asteroid exercise
For anyone interested in learning a little more about meteor sightings and meteor fireballs, and how they are classified by size, there are many organizations which have lots of information:
The American Meteor Society, Fireball sightings:
International Meteor Organization - links to sites in many nations

I received this reply from Mr. Boylan:

“From: "Dr Richard Boylan" <>
Sent: Wednesday, November 26, 2008 3:47 PM
Subject: Message not approved: Asteroid exercise

Meteors by themselves are not one of UFOFacts' Four Topics.
Dr. Richard Boylan, Moderator

I concluded my attempt to give people broad information about the large number of asteroids/meteorites approaching Earth at all times, and that would counter the idea that there was this one special asteroid coming.
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