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Default Re: Deep Insider Revelations On The UFO Cover-Up

Richard Boylan is a former California psychologist (Sacramento) who had his state psychology license revoked back in 1995 over allegations of improper sexual interaction with female patients in his hot tub (hydro 'therapy'?). He still uses the title doctor, even though he is not legally licensed for mental therapy anymore.
So, today he uses the title of “Councillor” (notice the similarity to “counselor”?) and that the star nations have appointed him as the representative on earth with the title Councillor!

All of the court trial records are available on websites. Mr. Boylan’s claim is that his licenses were revoked because of trumped-up charges. The court records don’t indicate he denied giving therapy to his women clients, nude, in his own hot tub. And the women who complained and testified, obviously were uncomfortable with Mr. Boylan’s requests and thought something was wrong.

Mr. Boylan claims
"And the only really qualified researchers of persons reporting extraterrestrial encounters are researchers with professional behavioral-science education, training and experience. Thus, the only experts are the psychologists, psychiatrists, psychotherapists and hypnotherapists who actually have a sub-specialty in working with experiencers of Star Visitor-human encounters. These are the professionals who have educated themselves sufficiently about UFO and Star Visitor matters to have the necessary information for working with experiencers.” (pssst.. you and I aren’t qualified to listen to an abductee story and make our own decision I guess this means, Jim Sparks, you’re out!.)

About abductions, Mr. Boylan has stated:
“The word "abduction" is improper vocabulary, because it already assumes a certain interpretation. The neutral phrase is "extraterrestrial encounter". To recast your question: am I implying that extraterrestrial encounters are good for people? I would say that extraterrestrial encounters CAN be growthful for people. Good is an ambiguous word. Does it mean fun? ET encounters can be fun or can be frightening (at first). The same could be said for the Demon Ride at Great America theme park. Does good mean morally good? I would answer: from whose perspective? The human's or the ET's? Frankly, I don't think ET encounters are so much a matter of individual good, but of the larger global and cosmic process going on, which involves off-planet races contacting us and telling us it's time to grow up before it's too late.”

(So alien kidnapping is not a crime… it is good for us!)

One of his previous claims was:
“ - Because the 2012 date that ends our current time cycle is almost upon us, the Visitors have concluded that their program of close encounters with individuals is going too slowly. At the apex of this cycle, Dr. Boylan reports, Earth people will need to be "retrieved" until the new cycle can begin, and at the current rate of education, not enough people will be psychologically or socially prepared for this experience. Therefore...
- The Star Visitors are intending soon (no later than 2006) to begin making appearances to large groups of civilians in such a way that no one will be able to deny or forget what happened (the example Dr. Boylan gave was the Visitors appearing to all the people in a shopping mall).

Have any of you seen them at the mall?

I’ve observed his Yahoo group and his personal postings for months, and he bounces out anyone who dares to question his opinions (no free speech there). He claimed an asteroid was going to hit earth, but that no agency would report it. He scheduled a Joint Psychic Exercise on Nov. 15 to divert the inbound asteroid with star nations help. And according to him, they did.

I don’t know as much about this Dr. Michael Wolf, but considering the article about him comes through Mr. Boylan, I’d suggest doing a lot of research before jumping to conclusions.
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