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Originally Posted by Alexandra View Post
I am a Usui Reiki Master/Teacher

The universal energy used is what is known as subtle energy. It is mild and relaxing which helps the body and chakras to balance and then be able to introduce self healing. The more one uses the energy the stronger the channel of energy becomes. The energy coming through the Reiki practioner will adjust to the energy of the person receiving the treatment. Some people feel warmth, cold, strong energy, or a more gentle application. While others feel nothing. The reiki is still working. The receiver just isn't sensitive to feeling energy. Some people are very sensitive and some people aren't. There is nothing wrong with either of them. Everyone has specific tendencies that they are born with that others do not have. This is normal

thanks for that reply alexandra...

as i really am still not sure about reiki...

i usually am very sensitive to all energy around me when i want to be...

i just don't feel the reiki as strongly as other things...

i kinda like the softness of it... but it seems one must be really really strong with self to keep the healing it has extended, as it just fades away rather quickly if one is not already fit of mind and spirit... but come to think of it... so do other forms of energetic healing i have experienced...



my experiences with it include a healing performed by my cousin who at the time was a level four usui practitioner/master
a woman i went to for bach remedies who would charge them before i used them
and a hippie travelar friend of mine who gave me an attunement... but, i was not very nice to myself about practicing longer than one day with it at that time...

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