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Default Re: Why prophecies givng a specific time are almost always wrong

you and I see things in a like manner as I agree with everything you said, it is refreshing to hear someone else see things like I do because I just dont share this stuff often, well hardly at all

I dont do readings either unless it is a personal friend or loved one, or if I feel the need to intervene, and have never done it for money

doing it on demand makes me feel like a dancing monkey and that just gets in the way of my viewing, and I have difficulty doing it for people I dont know well because knowing the person makes all the difference in the world, for me anyways

I have done it for aquiantences here and there but only if I can read them well enough by looking into their eyes for a while to get a grasp of who they really are inside as well as a glimpse in their past and present, so I can get a better viewing of their possible future

This couldve been written by myself. I have had some pretty negative premonitions, but normally choose not to share because I feel that it then brings doom n gloom into focus. I have also had positive premonitions that I also choose to keep to myself. When I am meant to intervene or warn/advise someone about something, it is made very clear to me, so I follow the guidance. I have learned to trust intuition, but still make a muck of things at times. Its a process, we're all learning how to cope with these abilities and I feel that although we are at different levels, our evolution is very close to a more balanced and spiritual way of life. I feel excited and am enjoying life. But I also know how to start a fire and catch fish

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