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Default Re: Why prophecies giving a specific time are almost always wrong

Heretic, you commented:

"When looking into the future you are not really peering down a line of pre-ordained events, you are peering down many many possible events, many lines of probability. One must use their discernment to determine which line has the best chance of manifesting, based on a set of criteria known at the time of the viewing. And even then, your line of probability could easily be negated just moments after the viewing.....the further ahead you look, the less stable the viewing."

That's exactly correct, Heretic.

You are only seeing a "maybe..if nothing *else* changes..." But you really don't know what the *else's* might be. You can't really tell how much...ummm...headwind - how many factors - are playing into the probable event. It's like predicting the weather. Rain tomorrow? Well, maybe. This date next year? Hmmm.

And *probable* is also an important word: What, really are the probabilities here? 50-50? More? Less? One in a hundred? And if so, what's at stake? A one-in-a-hundred catastrophic event probability means you've got to speak up. But what if it's one-in-a-hundred for a lost piece of luggage? For whom? When? And how do you know, anyway, about those probabilities?

You don't. You just don't know.

That's why anyone gifted (hah!) with extra sensitivity [I don't call it 'extrasensory' because it's not an extra 'sixth' sense; it's the greater sensitivity of your existing senses] must learn to use great discernment and respect in applying those skills. That's why I confine my active interventions to:

- Matters of safety, life and death, when the "What if I'm wrong?" only means I'll look like an idiot - so what? - versus someone's life at stake.

- Precognitions with enough clear, actionable data to be specific about my intervention. That excludes: - vague fears or uneasiness about life in general and "We're all doomed! Doomed!" stuff - images of 'something, somewhere' that don't clearly show their location, circumstances or identify the individuals involved - things that might happen anyway, i.e. "further unrest in the middle east, etc."

- Precognitions that have present events clearly evolving toward them, i.e. yes, the mayor will in fact be speaking at that location next week....I didn't know that at the time I "saw" the problem.

- Precognitions that carry what I've learned over many years of practice to recognize as a unique "energy signature" that affects my body in a particular way. Other "ideas" are ignored, or merely observed as they develop.

- Interventions that can be done privately and confidentially with those most directly involved. I value my privacy. I never accept money. I don't give readings or answer questions on demand.

I hope this helps clarify some of the elements and variables of precognition, at least as I experience it.

Best regards,
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