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Default Re: Why prophecies giving a specific time are almost always wrong

Reply to Selene:

That you are able to save lives and stop bad things from happening means you are already a good 'prophet' in the micro sense. I think many psychic visions are scenes and images that actually have time information encoded (As in some of your described visions). They just need to be decoded and the time information may not be very precise, but is existant. For example, there may be a vision of a plane crashing into the twin tower in morning sunlight, but no such vision with the moon in the background. The time of prophecised event is predetermined, but is not revealed to the prophet. There may be a natural law that prevents this information to be easily revealed.

I believe if time travel is possible, the traveller ETs ( or humans) must know the precise times of major events so that time travelling can even make sense (Wouldn't they choose to enter a time before a major catastrophie? What is "before"?). They do not tell us the time, not because they are confused or don't know or have a different concept, but perhaps because revealing somehow infringes our freewill. But telling the time of prophecy , always ahead of the actual time and not after, can be meaningful as in the case of the seer and the blind man.

Think of Nostradamus' self defaming 1999 prophecy of 9/11. I don't think he did not know the exact time, given that he knew the month of September.

We are receiving lots of "false alarms" these days. But are they really false?
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