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Default Re: Why prophecies givng a specific time are almost always wrong

my take

concerning prophecy

I always considered prophecy is thought to be a divinely inspired revelation or interpretation of a vision or divine communication can simply blame the source as this takes no talent or gift IMHO

and of course sources can be bogus

concerning pre-cogs

when looking into the future you are not really peering down a line of pre-ordained events

you are peering down many many possible events

many lines of probability

one must use their discernment to determine which line has the best chance of manifesting, based on a set of criteria known at the time of the viewing

and even then, your line of probability could easily be negated just moments after the viewing

the better the discernment the more accurate the viewing, yet you may miss lines that have not manifested yet due to other events which have to happen first

which of course...have not happened yet because your still in the present

the further ahead you look, the less stable the viewing

this is how I have always seen it

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