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Default Re: Why people won't wake up

I mentioned the Autism link to mercury and vaccines to my friend of 12 years last Friday and e-mailed him some links with smiles (not this one I hasten to add) but a got a sh*tty lengthy e-mail reply which had this in the middle of it... I think he'd had a couple of beers too.

What really ****** me off today way you almost suggesting I was putting xxxxx at an unnecessary risk of autism and other things through inoculations. We just donít want him getting ill or even dying of polio, TB, rubella, mumps or even going deaf like my mate xxxxx because of meningitis. I know there may be risks, but I, prefer him alive thanks.

Autism 20 years ago was 1 in 10,000. It is 1 in 54 now!!! This I got from my Holistic dentist yesterday as she deals with a brain specialist.

I forwarded him this link above in thread with no message attached or anything else this will be the last message until he wakes up. I am also having my mercury extracted at great expense by an holistic dentist (£1100) as I am convinced from what I have researched. My health is worth it they do 0% over 3 years too
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