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Default Re: Why people won't wake up

most people have started to understand that aspartam, mercury and fluoride is snaked into us, only 10 years ago, most people did not care. mercury in vaccines was taken away in norway in 2001, and first a couple of years ago dentists stopped to use mercury fillings here. so things are slowly starting to come clear to people. but at the same time they started to intensify the chemtrails. so now they are more desperate. barium in chemtrails is causing slow brainfunction and hypertensison, but is less toxic than mercury. it is possible to bring out barium by homeopatic remedies, ask a hoemopath, and he/she will give u a detox from it. im not sure in what combination they are sprying, because you can get barium in different forms. in homeopathy they use most often barium in carbon connection, baryta carb. but be careful not to start the detox yourself without consulting someone. in is given in thin doses.

anyway chemtrails stinks desperation and failure, big time!!! and i get satisfied by this kind of last desperat acts of fallen idiots.........
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