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Default Re: Why people won't wake up

Ahhh.... I found out about vaccinations months ago.. And my friend has a 4 year old and I told her, don't vaccinate him, it's all poison. Maybe I didn't do enough to show her.. I even told her she could still have her son go to school without vaccination. She got him vaccinated anyway :\

I'm doing whatever I can to help my friends wake up further. They're waking up, but very slowly.. My roommate woke up a couple months after I did. It seems we're already starting to go through the phases of change within, which will be seen throughout. A post I read about the stages of change in DNA and such..

Getting new abilities with every stage, this explains why I've been seeing my daydreams come true, this is why my thoughts have been manifesting within days. But it seems this has lessened greatly for me because I've been eating too many poisonous foods and I started smoking cigs again.. But I'll tell yah.. when I quit smoking for 2 weeks last month, I was having visions/daydreams all the time. I was more confident and I can only imagine that these abilities would have continued to increase, along with my frequency if I didn't screw up and start smoking again.

But from quitting, I have allowed myself to see what I could be without these poisons. I have to stop again.. And I'm concerned for my friends who smoke and drink.. my roommate is an alcoholic and I just hope he can pull himself away from these poisons as we are all trying to do so.. We all know.. deep down inside, what is right. We will prevail. May the force be with you.
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