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Default Re: Thuban Q&A: (warning longer than normal posts here)

Originally Posted by realitycorrodes View Post
Thanks Abraxasinas,

For your interesting replies.

Your last remark was...

To sit in judgement about the Natural(good use of the word "natural"...advertisers misuse that word to great effect as well) World and its selfexpression can be considered to be a form of ignorance.

I find it amusing how people interchangeably decide when they are judging and when they are analysing.

The truth is the truth and it shall be known...even if it is relative to the hologram!

It is not the act or the scenario that we believe is happening but the intention behind the reaction to the scenario that matters. If the intention of the people is to be disharmonic...then how are they ever going to become perfectly fractal and holographic. Ignorance is often a barrier to becoming harmonic. How is the essence of a killer ever going to become one, when it keeps wanting to kill the others who wish to become one with it? lol

The golden mean spiral exists...each dot that creates the illusion of the spiral does not invade the space of any other dot that creates the illusion. Each dot shrinks or enlarges following the golden mean ratio which is the magic ratio that allows perfect embeddedness (oneness, infinitness etc) to happen. Life exists without interfering with other life's (free will for e.g.).

And on a side note. If you don't want to be exploited by something bigger and more powerful than you (unpleasant aliens for example)...then perhaps it could be seen as a more enlightened move to stop exploiting the little beings below you!

As above so below! It's not rocket it?

Mirrors are mirrors arn't they?

I believe I merely made statements about my perception. What interpretations you came to about my perception was your own judgment/analysis...I don't judge you for it. lol

As in duality (which this appears to be to me) everything people do is based on a judgement or analyses - is it not?

The warrior does not care what the ignorant think anyway! And I am not fearful of being damned for that statement either!

You were the first to use the word judgement ironically! lol

It is a funny world this one.

But seeing as I am always finding the hypocrisy and denial of this dimension increasingly magical and fascinating I will say this...

I would rather get into trouble for making a judgment than for willfully and unnecessarily taking the life of any of my friends the animals (regardless of whether they were animals that kill other animals or not).

Yes, other animals do take the life of other animals but I don't distinguish between them (i.e. I don't judge them for it) least not in terms of "Well this animal took the life of another animal ... so I am going to take the life of this very same animal now!" I don't need to make such lame excuses for some "artificially" created addiction to killing.

The eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth was a belief system of a low level phony god in my opinion. P.S. I don't care for gods in general.

This hologram ends when a link in the chain decides "No! - I am going to go against the illusory rules of the by using my will power!" "I refuse to kill even if it means I will die" How can a cruel and painful duality exist when the beings it was designed to enslave refuse to stay alive in such a stupid concept. To do this you need will power. When you have sufficient will power you become a bug in the program and have to be removed.

The only thing that seems to be worth learning here is to use will power against the coercion of the program to make us act disharmonicly.

The eskimos if they had any real integrity would move to a sub tropical climate. But they don't cos they are "attached" to the material geography of their world, not to mention (attached to) the killing of seals. Remember underlying "attachement" is really our old friend fear!

As we know we shall not be taking anything material with us! Just the energetic feel of the essence of our intentions/decisions.

Are your intentions that of killer?

Then I think people may continue to attract to themselves dimensions that are based on the concept of killing! Just some speculations for fun...or was that another judgment?

OM Shanti!

Not to interrupt, but I like the points you've made.

I think they are inspirational for individual intention.

It makes me appreciate the idea of in the moment. I wonder if those Eskimos are not inspired by the issue of food, but instead the love of their Arctic environment. I would imagine that they choose their appreciation of their location over their need for someones idea of synchrony and adaptation.


I think it works out for each individual.
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