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Default Re: Thuban Q&A: (warning longer than normal posts here)

Originally Posted by abraxasinas View Post

Yes, I visualised this last night while puzzling it out. I am not a specialist in metaphysics but have a mathematic and logic background. This work is purely internal reflection in contemplation of this topic. No one told me it but my self/selves.

I visualised that on it's own the rule where c = near 0 stands. If the range 0 -> ∞ was the scale of the shall we say +ve creation and If the mirror exists and there is a -ve creational mirror of the creation then if we take the two and overlap them then the intersection of them is the undefinable void. i.e.

(x/∞) + (-x/∞) = 0

Yes Initiate. This is simply the Numberline from -Infinity to +Infinity MIRRORED or neutralised or Halved by 0.

this can of course be translated onto multiple dimensions. So can be moved into the 3rd dimensional symbol of ∞ rotated about the center or a doughnut.

Indeed, the crucial point between the single-connected sphere and the multi-connected torus in topology is that the single center of the circle becomes bifocal in the geometrical definition of an ellipse as locus of the circumferential point tracing out the elliptical geometry as a constant sum of the position vectors from the two foci to their common locus.

This simple 2D plane geometry then allows a spheroidal selfcontained Einstein-Riemann Universe to become THE BOUNDARY for a 4D Riemannian Hypersphere.
So the entire 3D universe of observation and measurement becomes a 3D surface as the Information Mapping of this 3D Volume onto its 3D Envelope, which must become in physical terms a Mother-Black Hole in 5D-8D-11D.
This concept is presently the subject of a new astrophysics on the grandest scale, known as the Holographic Universe of a 5D deSitter Kaluza-Klein cosmology coupled to the 'No boundary' proposals of Hawking-Penrose-Behenstein-Maldacena and Susskind.

is this visualisation suitable to the thuban perspective? I am attempting to translate the QR mathematics into laymen terms. I am a laymen in this topic (as are many here) and we all might better understand if we choose to understand. Imagine I am an explorer entering a strange new world of MetaMathematics where all my prior rule base is turned on its head and I am trying to connect this world with my own.

I would fully support you in this endeavour and applaud your efforts to do so. To 'understand' the Thuban omni-physics, no advanced tensor calculus or lie group algebra is required.
Just as the Einstein field equations applied to the universe as a whole CAN indeed be derived from Newtonian Mechanics; so is a basic understanding of Newtonian physics sufficient to 'decipher' the Thuban omni-science.

The complexities of Terran physics are based on the generalisations of the formulations. So to calculate the perihelion of Mercury as the deviation of the 'closure of its elliptical orbit' around the sun from the Newtonian-Kepler equations, one must apply the LOCAL gravity of the system.
General Relativity so becomes an Universal Local Theory.

But calculating the gravity of selfcontained systems, say the Solar System, will allow the local deviations to be ignored in the solutions and for the Universe as a whole, the equations are becoming even simpler still.

Ok, the rules of mathematics and the sciences are however NOT 'turned on their head'; they are simply EXTENDED and retain their Newtonian and Einsteinian basis.

saying 0=1=∞=Infinity is like saying day = night and from a pure mathematical logic perspective is hard to take on board.

This is a good point, but the mathematical statement above derives from the VOID, where NO numbers like the set N existed.
So consider the following:
1. An Infinite Computer Loop becomes symbolised in the cipher 0;
2. To 'escape' Eternity, this 'loop' must be broken and so is archetyped as 1;
3. The 'escape' of the linearization is recircularized in the binary dyad {0,1} reconfiguring itself as Doubling the original size of the 0 as two halved o's in the symbol of the 8.
4. No numbers aside the Monadic Triad {0,1,8} exist as the binary transform into the decad {0,1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9} as a subset of N has not yet been programmed.

So from 4. the Metamathematics becomes a precursor or 'parent' for the Mathematics of the today.

For our benifit please realise that you may as well be talking a foreign language with the metaphysical conjecture as stated in your last reply. The MetaMathematics of Divisibility may be self supporting and self proving and give support for the thubin story but we are not schooled in this theory or the derivation processes that lead to the conclusions. There appears to be some subjectivity to interpretation.

Of course there is subjectivity.
Before the wheel or the lightbulb were invented physically, the emotion of the thoughtforms of the possibilities to construc-t such things physically engaged the subjectivity or template-form of the thing before it became objectified in the things creation.
It's the afterthought of the physical reality REALISING its own forethought of the potential possibilities.

Have you seen the Comedy "The Big Bang Theory"?
Peripherally; I am more interested in the reconstruction of the Physically Real Big Bang Theory from its Metaphysical ontological precursor.


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