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Default Re: Thuban Q&A: (warning longer than normal posts here)

Originally Posted by SABINA View Post
hi A A,
the alien agenda knows about the vorticity of Gaia and it`s definition as the
universal sink source reciever iow Gaia is a substitute for the Andromeda galaxy
But why we humans don`t know???
we still are teaching our children we are an acciedent of nature and so on.
with all the best wishes

Thank you Sabina!

Gaia is the Mother of all EVES as ALL WOMEN and is in archetypical words the 'placeholder' for Andromeda as the female galactic counterpart to the Milky Way as say Perseus.

All this derives from even earlier archetypes of a Fake-Adam as the Image of God/Creator/Prime Source.

Fake-Adam then creates a REAL EVE from his 'rib', because the fakeness or unreal image reflects in the spacetime creation in a notfake Eve and so a REAL EVE.

The standard theology has it backwards. Womanhood was REAL from the beginning and the Maleness was the Falsehood.

This became encoded in the Real Mother-Dragon becoming FAKED by a Male 'Bad-Red-Devil Dragon'.

So EVE as a REAL MOTHER (of all living- Genesis.3.20) was RESCUED in this KNOWLEDGE by the CHRIST-SERPENT Melchizedek (Plumed Serpent Kukulkan-Quetzacoatl). So now the chicken-egg paradox resolves itself in the PHYSICAL OVUM/RNA preceding the Physical Spermatozoa/DNA' but the METAPHYSICAL SEMEN/DNA preceding the Metaphysical Egg/RNA.

The 'banishment from Eden' then began the combined rescue mission of both Adam and Eve to FREE their Great Dragon-Mother aka the Universe=Creation=Barbelo=Andromeda=Gaia=EVEry Woman in the Cosmos.

The Great Dragon Mother is als Lilith, the Demonic Seductress and Succubus of hebrew Kabbalah.
Existing BEFORE Eve was created from Adam's Rib; Lilith REFUSED (REFUSAL=LASUFER backwards ---Lucifer+Lucifera monadic dyad) to SUBMIT to Adam in laying beneath him in (archetypical of course) sexual intercourse to reproduce.

Lilith flew away into the wilderness as the Mother Dragon to allow Eve to become her ambassadora.

Eventually, EVE retranslated her archetype in VIRGO being protected by her UNICORN (which only SHE could tame).
The UNICORN soon became the original Fake-Adam in the ways of the Bad Old Devil Dragon and the situation of the beginnings was reversed.

Instead the 'Evil Serpent' seducing and 'impregnating' EVE, EVE seduced and CAUSED impregnation of herself in 'Riding' and 'Mounting' the Unicorn as Adam as the Bad-Red-Beast in Revelation - The Whore of Babylon.

The Whore of Babylon is not a Woman, but a fake-Female Principle in the Female Devilishness, which NEVER existed in the first place, but became a convenient medium of fear for the 'church fathers' to denigrate womanhood and its inborn sexual power to birth not just REAL ADAMS, but ENTIRE UNIVERSES.


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