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Default Re: Thuban Q&A: (warning longer than normal posts here)

Originally Posted by halebox View Post
In ascension can you skip densities or is it always one at a time?
Ascension is a simultaneous Descension. Some data is sent in upload and other data is sent in download.
This data transmission either way does not skip dimensions as the 11D mirror reflects in the mirrors of 8D, 5D and 2D.

What is a starhuman?

A Dragonized Old Human or a Old Human Caterpillar metamorphosed into a StarHuman Butterfly in Aphrodite's Living Butterfly Collection.

Is dream language the same for all? Or is it highly personalized?

The archetypes in most basic form are the same, but then everything becomes filtered and reinterpreted by the individual soul acting like a filter and a mirror.

Is our moon hollow?

No, not according to Thuban data. However this only applies only to 3D and not to say 6D or 9D, where interdimensionality is common cause. Iow, there are beings and lifeforms on all planets withoin and without.

Was it created by ET's?

Everything is created by ETs, even the human creativity is ET engendered.

Who currently occupies it?

Well all sorts of moon creatures and there are bases on the Moon, according to our data - manmade ones.

Its purpose for us?

As a planetary satellite it is responsible for tidal interaction. It has a very rare isotope in Helium-3 used for nuclear fusion research. It is destined or envisaged to act as a intermittent space platform for exploration of the solar system and such.

Are the Thuban allies with any or all Greys, Annunaki, Pleadian?

Yes, we are known to all of them and are kindred with all of them, despite the deceivers.

May I request a safe round trip visit to Thuban?

Before opening of the 4th space dimension you can go to Thuban in your imaginations and in understanding yourself as a time traveller from the future.
After the opening of 4D Thuban will be right here on Earth.

What may the music sound like on Thuban?

Whatever you make of it.

Is there a real version of the galactic federation or light?

In archetype there is. In physical reality it requires to be harmonized in convergence. This is planned, but has not yet occurred.

Is the pineal gland damaged from intake of fluoride?

If you entertain damage to the third eye receptor by chemical means, then such outcome is likely.

Can it be repaired?

Yes, by activation of the baseperfect template programs of the 4x8x8 DNA/RNA codex.

Are the Thuban at active war with a different race-planet? If so with whom?


Are Earth and its inhabitants considered property of the Thuban?

No, not property but Home of the Great Dragon Mother indeed.

Are there humans that are from Earth on Thuban right now? If so how many?

Almost 7 billion.

Soul/Spirit difference?

A question of archetypical definition and then individual labeling preferences.

Is Nibiru real?

It's real as an archetype not as some incoming celestial physical object. Nibiru=Serpentina=New Earth.

Is it occupied?
By whom?

Nibiruan Serpentpeople live on and in Nibiru as Nemesis the Second Sun.

No problem.

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