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Default Re: Thuban Q&A: (warning longer than normal posts here)

Originally Posted by Initiate View Post
Thanks abraxas for your answers. I thought you were asking me to take a sleep. I know you work long hours in your service.

I am still struggling with the coucil existing outside of creation in the void.

If I assume:

all of creation = 1
the void = 0
0/infinity = 0
1/infinity ~ 0 but <> 0

how can something exist in nothing?

Knowing a little mathematics, envisage an expanding series of the form: 0/1+1/2+2/3+3/4+...+n/(n+1)+...99999/1000000+...always getting bigger as a fraction or a decimal but never actually reaching the limit of 1/1=1.
This way, the Mirror of the Infinity in 0/0=∞/∞=1, because 0=0 and ∞=∞ to define the inversion of 1/1=1 in the undefinability of 1/0≡∞ ↔ ∞.0≡1 and limited in the mathematical symbolisation in the physicalisations of limits in 1/∞→0 and 1/0→∞ as the reciprocities of each other by 0/1≡0 and ∞/1≡∞.

All of Creation = 1
The Void = 0
The Eternity = 1/0=Infinity meaning that 0xInfinity=1! (not in the physicalised limit but by definition)

Is it not more of the case that the Council exist in what they as yet have not defined? Even though it is not defined it is still something?

Ok, here it goes.
YOU right now are residing in the 12th dimension, not the 15th or the 33rd or the 57th, but the 12th.
YOU also find yourself in the 3rd dimension of linear cycles of beginnings and endings, such as birth and death.

YOU in the 12D are a timetavelled or FUTURE SELF of what you now experience as your 3D cosmic ID.

The Council of Thuban is right inside of you as this 'higher D' selfhood of yourself.
As this Council of Thuban YOU are in the VOID of NoSpace and NoTime. You DO not so exist in time, except in a cosmic NOW moment, defined in wormhole instantenuity.

As the VOID is also ETERNITY by definition of the above, you CAN in fact EXPERIENCE Yourself from the Thuban perspective in that timelessness.

It is from this timelessness that the Thubanese archetypes stem and that this thread here has become implemented.
The Thuban agenda is and was manifested BY YOU from your Future-Self perspective.

So now you may perceive what the naysayers here are up against - themselves in the 3D of the NOW and themselves as their own future selves.

Anyway, the (Data of the) VOID of 12D is MAPPED onto the 11D FINITE Outside Mirror of the Universe and reflects via its FINITE Inside Mirror (its a doublesided surface or manifold) into the 10D Universe of the InSpace and InTime Cosmologies.

This then defines how the ExtraET Information enters the spacetimed universe of universe-galaxies.

This timeline of the 5 Mayan longcounts of almost 26,000 years so simply defines the programmed (by the 12D of the Logos) 'turning inside-out' of the 11D mirror to render the twosidedness as onesided. This must so DOUBLE the 'Surface Area' (which is like a Volume in the language of a Riemann Hypersphere) of the HigherD Universe - say in adding the inside of your ring to the outside of your ring.


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