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Default Re: Thuban Q&A: (warning longer than normal posts here)

Originally Posted by abraxasinas View Post
I have made my position regarding the azurite material rather clear and have given references not only to the Drunvalo Melchizedek connection , but also the easily discerned critique from independent (stated as excult members in the maar article) sources found on the web.

It is not in my interest to discuss this material in terms of the 'techniques' applied, except in saying that the Thubanese protocol converges to the Drunvalo paradigm in utilising the harmonious Fibonacci mechanisms.
If the azurite material is meaningful to you it will not harm you in the 'long run' even if the Drunvalo critique of 'wrongness' of it applies to such application.

Follow your inner guidance and allow your journey to unfold in the manner it feels comfortable to you.
The Thuban Council has analysed the azurite material and has drawn its conclusion relative to its own understandings. It is a potpourri of earlier data given to the human evolvement and has attempted to retranslate this more ancient information in the labelings of a more 'modern science'.
Relative to the Thuban Council, the agenda of this platform is well intended, but as is most often the case, the marketing, promotional and fiscal considerations have assumed a 'life of their own' and the earlier agenda has transformed into a particular Dawkinsian MemeComplex.

This Memecomplex is highly polarised in a say 'fear versus love' agenda and so is unsuitable to be incorporated in the platform of Thuban.

If this understanding does not resonate with you, you are free to ignore this analysis and form your own judgements as to the appropriateness and validity of the Thubanese evaluations.

In particular:
What do you make of the practical exercises, visualizatons, meditations and energy work that is put forth by MCEO. Do you see a benefit or is there the possibility that it is detrimental in any way?

Yes, I do see benefit, even great benefit in exercises such as these.
However there is no requirement to visit workshops or seminars.
If you decide to sit under the old oaken tree (if you be so lucky to have thus) in your back yard and meditate on the nature of your environment: feel the energy of the tree, touch the tree, talk to the tree to access its large information base of spacial consciousness; then your Merkabah will activate and your requirement for protective shields will dissipate.

Yet, if you prefer to follow an instruction manual in a likeminded group, this also will activate your merkabah and so on - BUT in a form of group-mindedness and not in your one-to-one attunement with the natural elements.

The method is in the individual choices and is not found in ANY manual of 'how to connect to yourself' methodology.
This is the Thuban perspective; you are free to dismiss this perspective and to follow your choosings.

The Thuban children talk to the ants and in mind synchronization they 'become the ants', able to communicate with them as kindred souls.
The Thuban children do not sit in class rooms to learn about their 'inner selves' - rather they experience themselves as parts of their environments in the search for interaction with the elements and all lifeforms encountered.

Would you say that the Maharic Shield exercise is healthy or not healthy from an energy body perspective? Is it truly creating protection or is it doing the opposite? Is protection of this kind necessary or is it suggested with an agenda?

My answer to this should be selfevident. A fear-based galactic civilization requires shieldings of many kinds; a truly advanced galactic civilization has evolved past such necessitations.

Thank you for your query.

In Contemplation of this issue the following decoding came about:

Adam and Eve in the Garden and the First Sin

When Eve and subsequently Adam were tempted to bite of the apple and then told that they were naked. Could it not be that the "nakedness" was derived from Satan telling Eve that she was unprotected from unseen spiritual entities etc. and needed the knowledge to shield herself from these things. The knowledge was given but whilst it shielded her from the unseen it also shielded her from God. Adam was tempted by Eve in this way also. This was the real sin. That Humanity cut them selves off from God when they were trying to ward off the unseen. The reality is that all the protection we need is in our one on one relationship with God. By raising a shield we cut ourselves off.

If we can undress and stand with our cloths under our feet in front of god unashamed then we have found our way home. Nothing can touch us if we do this.
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