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Default Re: Thuban Q&A: (warning longer than normal posts here)

In ascension can you skip densities or is it always one at a time?
What is a starhuman?
Is dream language the same for all? Or is it highly personalized?
Is our moon hollow? Was it created by ET's? Who currently occupies it? Its purpose for us?
Are the Thuban allies with any or all Greys, Annunaki, Pleadian?
May I request a safe round trip visit to Thuban?
What may the music sound like on Thuban?
Is there a real version of the galactic federation or light?
Is the penial gland damaged from intake of fluoride? Can it be repaired?
Are the Thuban at active war with a different race-planet? If so with whom?
Are Earth and its inhabitants considered property of the Thuban?
Are there humans that are from Earth on Thuban right now? If so how many?
Soul/Spirit difference?
Is Nibiru real? Is it occupied? By whom?
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