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Default Re: The Occult Reptilian Agenda and the Council of Thuban

Originally Posted by eleni View Post
I've read all the Hayes books printed thus so comes my can we prove what she says is the correct information?

Yes, how do you prove it?
I am not here to prove, I am not a speaker only a student...the information is available on the website and can be analized in detail

For me is real because I have studied and done a lot of work that has enable me to have direct experience but if you don't have direct experience how can I explain how the Yunasai feels like, there are no words that can convey the love and the expanssion

Also on a practical note, Cliff High, who is rather down to earth; believes we are suffering from magnetic anomalies. Those anomalies have been explained by Ashayana Dean with great detail in her workshops and DVDs

Indeed, Asha has explained even 9/11 and predicted things that have come to pass so early in her lectures is stunning!

All that I can say is that all my life I looked for answers and have studied so many schools of thought and could not make sense of it all and when I found the teachings of the Melchizedeck Cloister Emeral Order, I resonated with them inmediately and it has given me back all what I was searching for: Self love, peace, serenity, etc., and the certainty that I am not abandoned here and I am infinitely loved by my god self...inside myself...all these experiences are personal

The ammount of information that Ashayana Deane has brought forth is stunning, about 1000 hours of lectures that cover so much material that explains so much of how all came to be and which is the way out....

I know now that even if I can not do slide into Urtha I will die and go there anyway for part of me is already there...and it is awesome!

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