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Default Re: The Occult Reptilian Agenda and the Council of Thuban

Originally Posted by Stargazer1965 View Post
Hmm....Where does a guy who knows none of this start??

Every time I think I know more.....the less is revealed.

I am not a spiritual man and the densities...time lines and such set my mind a whirl.

Can someone help me in layman's terms??

I know we can all be so much more and I feel trapped in a body with no memories.

I humbly ask for some guidance....thanks
Basically we live in a Universe which has 15 dimensions, each 3 dimensions make a harmonic universe (HU)

HU5 - the domain of the Rishi (dimensions 13 to 15)
HU4 - the domain of the Avatar where the Kryst is (dimensions 10 to 12)
HU3 - the domain of the Oversoul or Monad (dimensions 7 to 9)
HU2 - the domain of the Soul (dimensions 4 to 6)
HU1 - Where we are

You can start by readin the Voyager I and II books by Ashayana Deane or go to their website

and explore, there is a lot of information here to under Keylonic Sciences, Anna Hayes and Ashayana

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