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Default Re: PM Stephen Harper Ties The Knot With 3 Prorogations Since Taking Office

Starlah - Since the GG consented to this latest prorogation, do you suppose she is doing the Queen's bidding, or is the GG an independent decision-maker about it? For instance, I wrote my MP and the GG, but should I be writing the Queen as Executive? And really, if so, is the Queen ready for a bunch of emails from disgruntled Canadians? What exactly is her function and democratic infrastructure to respond, to act or to even care? What are Her motives anyway?! Are they even stated clearly somewhere... anywhere... ? In a kind of policy statement.... ?

In Stephen Harper's own words ('97): We have an executive, we have two legislative houses, and we have a Supreme Court. However, our executive is the Queen, who doesn't live here. Her representative is the Governor General, who is an appointed buddy of the Prime Minister.

I don't want to follow the gossip, statements, photo shoots, history on the 'The official website of the British Monarchy,' fascinating as it may be. I want to click on a link that says Canada - How we govern you and PS don't email me. Please.

It's all behind the scenes. I chose my Realm (Canada) as a member of the Commonwealth, but the general websites are the same for all the Commonwealth countries. Should I check Media Information? Does the GG pass on Her emails (from disgruntled Canadians) to The Queen? Is there even a protocol? Can Canadians see these reports, if there are any? Or is that too much to ask for the little pisswash public?

Stephen Harper has already axed all kinds of Access to Information freedoms. So, who do I complain to about it.

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