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Post PM Stephen Harper Ties The Knot With 3 Prorogations Since Taking Office

The Canadian Parliament House of Commons has suspended its sessions until March 3rd/2010 which begs the question of whether this Conservative coalition led by Prime Minister Stephen Harper knows what it means to be democratically accountable to the people of Canada.
Subversion of parliamentary democracy appears to be "the name of the game" for this holidaying Prime Minister until after the Olympics are over with....
no doubt most Canadians will see him in the movies on the Whistler slopes with "Scambell" Premier Gordon Campbell each of them drinking a "toddy" to ease their supposed woes.

The suspension of parliamentary activity means Conservative cabinet ministers won't face daily questions from their political opponents.

It also means all committees will be disbanded, scuttling the hearings into the controversial handling of Afghan detainees, for example.

It means the Conservatives will have time to fill five Senate vacancies with their own allies, robbing the Liberals of a majority in the upper house.

And it means the Conservatives will have more control over the timing of an election call, by making votes on the budget and the throne speech a confidence issue.

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