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You sound relatively accurate in your assessments. haha. I like to think of it like a movie. A movie that I am a character in, and that seems very very real but in reality it's just a ride, just an interactive movie. Is it not an utter mystery and of paradoxical nature that anything should be in existence whatsoever?

There are so many ideas out there.

Will we all ascend into fourth density in the next few years? How many will ascend?

Will the precession of the equinox complete another 26000 period to usher in a new golden age?

Are too many people "asleep", and are we going to head into another very dark time or period on this earth?

Will we all be turned into a cyborg hive mind to be manipulated by a fallen race?

Will we have pole shifts and great earth cataclysms that will shake us off of this earth like a bad case of fleas?

Will an elaborately oppressive UN world government tyrannize the worlds populace?

Are we really all just fringe lunatics on this site who are completely deranged? haha

I don't know the answers and I won't pretend that I do. But what I do know is that it's a fantastically elaborate ride and I love it. I wouldn't rather live at any other time or at any other place. I cant wait for tomorrow and whatever comes.
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