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Default Foldable Houses

Lots of good info on this topic. Thanks, Sylph 16, for posting the links to the simple foldable buildings manufactured in Canada. I wonder why more aren't content with simpler, smaller dwellings? Why expend so much life energy to pay for a McMansion just because it's what all the neighbors have?

We borrowed $10,000 from FHA in 1972 to build our first house, the two of us contributing as much or more in sweat equity. It was beautiful; we used our own designs and imaginative decorating. Some of our friends actually quit coming to visit when they realized we owed less than they did for their unattractive trailer homes. Our payment was $54.00 a month. Just to put things in perspective, three decades later.

The real story was how liberating it was to build our own nest. We felt we could do anything after that. It unleashed the creative will to mold and shape our own destiny.

I think our world is crying for the freedom to break loose from restricting building codes and cookie-cutter dwellings and usurious financing that enslaves us forever. And the time-freedom to create different ideas of coming together as community.

This forum is an excellent start!
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