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Default Re: The eXchanger's Thread -2008 The Year of The Trinity of New Beginnings

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A figure on a chess board

(PHOTOGRAPH of very large QUEEN)

Hi Friends

well i am glad Susan began here what amounts to a little oasis of peace in the midst of an increasingly turbulent zone, at times it gets a bit dense in the trenches of ideas and interactions out there...

Meanwhile busy-ness has broken out around me and I am not always able to be here.

This thing i scribbled down earlier on here turns out actually to look like some sort of a chess figure, perhaps the queen ?

Happy for everyone of you who came to say hello and who may want to hang in for the long haul, all of you friends who felt guided to sign in a small message of appreciation and recognition. Many thanks...

You will soon find out that a place like this reflects the world we live in and at times we will be glad to withdraw into this sanctuary Susan created inside my "zone"...

It is like her "Reflection Lounge" in an an otherwiss VERY busy crowded airport...

Hey guys I am sorry if I commented on some current (and "future") events here at Avalon in a way that might not have resonated with ALL too well, but one of the things i almost "have to do" at times is to say things, the way I see them, whether they are received comfortably or not...

At times I am the one who has to give the "inconvenient opinion."

Not trying to say here I know it all and that what I "see" is the "truth" because of course I am also only in this "vessel" with its restrictions & shortcomings, otherwise I d be OUT THERE with the big guys, flying crafts... yet at times it feels "familiar" like I have seen the "numbers" played out in several permutations before...

I am still learning after the years how to modulate the tone...

One of the things I learned is that it is difficult (and maybe not asked for) to reach consensus for the sake of peace.

just thinking about it...

Glad we are all here...
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