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Default Re: The eXchanger's Thread -2008 The Year of The Trinity of New Beginnings

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Re: The eXchanger's Thread -2008 The Year of The Trinity of New Beginnings

Originally Posted by Zynox
So much wisdom
So many slices of the truth
So many wondrous vibrations

LOOK at the proof!
FEEL the proof!
BE the proof!

I feel the light encoded in this tread, and I am forever, NOW, changed, enhanced in spirit, and in purpose!

Huge graditude extended to each of thee, my brothers and sisters!

Michael, your symmetry in ideas and in the shape of your post can't hide from my observation, the light encoded.

Susan, your eloquence in delivery encodes the bardic tradition of light, illumination of emotions.

See now, the many hues of the celestial spectrum, presented, herein.

As we are bathed, in GOLDEN energy, graced in the illumination of many ...


The best part, is this,
it is like
the good, getting better, becoming the best


Zynox - you have written through many times,
and, in many places, and, in many spaces,
there is still,
the echos of your etchings of your words
so carefully placed, in picture carvings,
and, in all still echos right off,
your magnificent time line... good it is !!!

Here we are,
all re_gathering to do the "good work"
we all originally intended to do...

with our partners,
love, and, truth,
along with JesterTerrestrial, greybeard, bananaman, matrix, Zjenny, St.CLAiR, & yourself, and, me here...
that's a 10 energy
and, that completes
the first ring of Avalon

"what they see when
they look at my work is...
themselves" ST.CLAIR

those are words spoken, from a true master

one who remembers,
the teacher who truly did touch our hearts

The immortal Friend

I sat dreaming in a room of great silence.
The early morning was still and breathless,
The great blue mountains
stood against the dark skies, cold and clear,
Round the dark log house
The black and yellow birds were welcoming the sun.

I sat on the floor, with legs crossed, meditating,
Forgetting the sunlit mountains,
The birds,
The immense silence,
And the golden sun.

I lost the feel of my body,
My limbs were motionless,
Relaxed and at peace.
A great joy of unfathomable depth filled my heart.
Eager and keen was my mind, concentrated.
Lost to the transient world,
I was full of strength.

As the Eastern breeze
That suddenly springs into being
And calms the weary world,
There in front of me
Seated cross-legged,
As the world knows Him
In His yellow robes, simple and magnificent,
Was the Teacher of Teachers.

Looking at me,
Motionless the Mighty Being sat.
I looked and bowed my head.
My body bent forward of itself.
That one look
Showed the progress of the world,
Showed the immense distance between the world
And the greatest of it's Teachers.
How little it understood,
And how much He gave.
How joyously He soared,
Escaping from birth and death,
From it's tyranny and entangling wheel.

Enlightenment attained,
He gave to the world, as the flower gives
It's scent,
The Truth.

As I looked
At the sacred feet that once trod the happy
Dust of India,
My heart poured forth its devotion,
Limitless and unfathomable,
Without restraint and without effort.

- J Krishnamurti
"The immortal friend"

yes, the immortal friend

brightest blessings of
energy, light and love to all

the eXchanger
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