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Default Re: The eXchanger's Thread -2008 The Year of The Trinity of New Beginnings

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Re: The eXchanger's Thread -2008 The Year of The Trinity of New Beginnings


Originally Posted by JesterTerrestrial
thanks, love and respect to all.

So what eXactly is your viewpoint on this the year of the trinity of new beginnings? I was reading about 08/08/08 and some crystalline doors. It really feels like things are moving along now...ready or not.

WELL 8/8/8 WAS 8/8/2006
(i wrote things back then,
but, was NOT a brave,
who, at that time,
put much out to the world,
but, kept it in some inner circles)
i am NOW, going through a lot of it,
there are bookcases,
inside of me, that i need to empty!!!

like many of us,
we are NOT to be braves,
to sit in the distance...
there comes a time,
when wise ones, come to us,
and, tell us, if you hold your tongue,
it will die a death,
NOW, i am listening to them,
and, NOW, it is time, for me,
to start a process of spilling my beans

i will admit, that, i am NOT totally comfortable with it

in many respects,
it is much like opening your mouth,
and, putting your mind on parade

This is about all of us,
this return to agartha/avalon/or shamballa,
we will get there, i know this

i am enjoying the comments, so, thank you,
let us, all shed tears of happiness,
and, spread around the joy that is within us,
we are here, and, we are protected,
and, safe.

on a side note: i can be blunt & straight foward,
in my responses...and, NOT always,
will i fill in all the blanks for you !!!

sometimes, reading what i wrote,
2 or 3 times, can help, to get the real meaning
or, the meat of them, and, discern them,
take what works for you...and, discard the rest

i know, i am here, in this time, by choice,
just, as, all the rest of us, are here by choice

i am glad, you have choosen to eXchange with us

brightest blessings of energy, light and love
the eXchanger
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