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Default Re: The eXchanger's Thread -2008 The Year of The Trinity of New Beginnings

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Re: The eXchanger's Thread -
2008 The Year of The Trinity of New Beginnings


Thank you...Greybeard

Ask to remember them, in your dreams...
you will be amazed, at what happens.

Both the Saint, and the Sinner,
assist us, to learn lessons,
the goal, is to actually be NEITHER of THEM

I know, the goal, is to be, one with YOU, first,
and, then, everything else, falls into place.

unconditional love--does NOT work in 3D
it does, work, however, in 4D, and, above that,
to weld it, in 3D,
you will struggle with the double edged sword,
that it iS.

love with all that you are,
it is the only thing,
that does NOT know an equal,
NOR, an opposite,
it just is, what it is, LOVE

to be taken, for a ride, is to be given a lesson

ironically, many get taken for rides, over, and, over again

and, then, they realise, the key, or the level,
that they have willingly given to another,
the same standing, as, they are, and,
have earned the right to themselves,
does NOT yet, belong to another
who has NOT earned that KEY

PEOPLE will disappoint you -
if you expect that they will be as you are

eXchange with them -- just to see
(give and receive-is a 2 way street)

Truth is, as, love is,
it does NOT know any equal,
NOR, does it know an opposite,
it is, what it is,
the TRUTH (that is why we mine for it)

The longest journey is NOT,
as you think from head to heart
from an intellectual centre, it might be
but, from an emotional centre
it would be a journey, that would never begin.

The real truth, is within us,
there are many centres,
and, also many hearts...
it is more, like spokes of a wheel,
all component parts, must be engaged,
in order, for the wheel, to be a wheel,
and, do its job
(some where else, i posted about
1+9+1 -- but, it got buried, in the dirt)
i shall mine for it later

Learning to separate,
my good old friend, does NOT create wholeness...
and, as long, as we mine,
that way, we will be controlled & separated...
connect the dots/and, the bars that are within.

The worlds of avalon/or camelot...
shamballa/agartha, or heaven does eXist, and,
can eXist, within this NOW

perception is,
what you perceive to be truth

nothing more, nothing less

it is a judgement,
of conditions only you see, sense and feel

Duality, it is the lessons...
if you skip that, then, you miss the real trip,
and, will journey endlessly,
going no-where, slow or fast,
it will NOT matter

Weigh and, measure, all the eXchanges

the good, sort themselves,
from the bad, rather quickly

Beliefs, are NOT truths...
just because you believe something,
does NOT automatically award it,
The Medal of Truth

There is a reason,
that once there was 13 signs to astrology,
and, when it was discovered,
that man/woman, and, many men/women
where mining the stars, for answers,
they altered it, and, changed it, to only 12
also, there is one, that appears here,
the star constellation of libra, the scales,
to remind you to balance equations.

eXchange iS all there is,
how you energetically flow things throw it,
is what it is, that alters, and, that changes
the results of your choices...these, i call,
"The Consquences"...
it is simply a matter of this,
do you love them ???
and, if NOT,
you alter, and, you change the choices
that went into their making.

People can DO, whatever they want,
this is what free-will, is all about,
provided you let them --
you are the gatekeeper of your choices

if you are "good" at "eXchanging",
The Consquences, they will be wonderful.

Forgive everyone,
including you, and,
release everyone, but YOU,
embrace that, which holds your shining,
the container, that holds your "original spark"
and, develop it, as much, as possible,
and, then, you will be like truth, and, like love.

There is much, that goes on,
consciously, and, unconsciously,
the dream-time,
it is an important time,
many are waking up there, right now !!!
(and, they do it every night)

The greatest lie, that was ever told to you,
was related to ego...and, to oneness,
if you are NOT full in yourself,
how, do you eXpect to bring fullness,
to anyone else ???

We are already, in this "Golden Age"
it is happening, in the midst, of duality...
there is NO life, that ever comes to an end,
again, a belief that is NOT a truth,
your "original spark", it is ageless, and, timeless,
but, it does have a recorder on it ...
every act, every deed, good-or bad, are recorded within it,
it puts a whole new slant, on "spill your beans"
there is NO escaping,
what you do, or, what you do NOT do

Yes, there will be those,
who choose, observation.

Yes, we will sit, and, we will observe,
but, observation, is NOT really an action

Real spiritual sages, do NOT say, do NOTHING...
you are right here, they take "real" action must ask,
your "old wise one", this "essence" or,
"higher self" or "monad" to activate you,
otherwise, it stands,
with its hands across its chest, observing you !!!

(even it respects your free-will)

in fact, you are much like a puppet,
on its string

The essence/or, what i call "The Capstone"
holds all the secrets, every last one of them,
and, it does have the thread, of truth,
it knows eXactly what it intended for you to do,
however, very few, ever invite it in,
you must ask it ...
then, it will tell you,
NOT anyone else,
this is a process
between you, and, it,
and, free-will prevents it, from coming to your rescue,
unless of course, it is a do-or-die, type of event,
then, it might step it, but, NOT always.

invite your essence/or Capstone to join you,
and, ask/ask/ask,
for this to happen -- that is how you awaken

The dreams, and, the dreamers, they never die,
all of them, they are still live, they are all still here,
many are awake, and, awakening right now.

You Greybeard, are a healer,
you also have, a higher self, or essence,
that wishes to join you, on a trip,
forget the journey, get on the trip !!!

Money is simply one form of energy,
if you give what you got,
the very art of the eXchange,
will flow to you, the money,
if both are engaged, both will happen.

To Remain...that is a sad path

To Need...that is a miserable path

To Desire...NOW, that is a path,
where you not only get what you really need & want,
you can totally fill yourself, on that path

You need right, and, you need wrong, to formulate choices...
and, balance eXchanges.

ignorance is simply a lack of knowledge

search for seeds ...they are here, esp. in this part of avalon

make that a priority

be a good seed ...
exchange with other good seeds

be a "piece" of "peace"...

still the mind, and, sit in the silence

here you will hear "your song"

Mind, what matters most, to YOU

Act, as if what matters to another,
is the eXpression of eXchange,
you bring into all eXchanges
it is then, that eXchange is fruitful,
and, it multiples

You, Chris, energetically can eXpress yourself
into any equation, and, fit in

monitor the ones, you choose, to eXchange with
and, everything will shift for you
and, very quickly, i might add
YOU are already there
open those eyes, and, see this, for truly it is a truth

brightest blessings of energy, light 'n love

The eXchanger

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