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Default Re: The eXchanger's Thread -2008 The Year of The Trinity of New Beginnings

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Re: The eXchanger's Thread -
2008 The Year of The Trinity of New Beginnings

Originally Posted by StClair
Hi again Susan
You are here
glad you found your home -
a radiant zone in the making
coming backto the source
swimming on up the stream
Glad you resurfaced again here....
so what are your plans?
e X c h a n g e !!
M StC.

The eXchanger:

I am here,
to eXchange,
that is why,
my highest eXpression,
calls itself, the eXchanger...

it calls, your highest expression, ST. CLAIR

The SEED-dR of the light,

THE "dr"- for doing it right
one who gathers, and, tosses around
The Seeds of All that iS,
and, does it, quite eloquently, i might add

The eXchange, iS what what it iS

a moment in time, when many come to gather,
and, to create, a big feast

you are, and, i am, just as everyone else is, a part of it

for truly, you know, as, i know, that, we are all energy,
and, that, we are created of seeds,
both male seeds, and, female seeds.

In this process, it is discovering,
the true seeding of ancient knowledge,
along with the true seeding of future knowledge,
for, we know, as, we both, eXchange, and, walk between the worlds,
that it is a true balancing of both, that come together,
to create the equation of truth.

i remember, how it was, that, you happened, upon my path,
and, how it was, that, i recognised you,
and, how it was, that, you recognised me,
it is amazing what happens, when two sparks, come to meet
and, how we came to eXchange with one another
back in late 2003/or early 2004
(i will try to look up the actual date,
as, i believe it was a pivotal one)

My higher guidance, was quite insistant that i write,
and, i am glad, that i took that chance,
as, you gave me, very good, and, valuable advise,
"remember what JK would do"...
absolutely..."remember what JK would do"

You were a breath of fresh air that i needed, and,
i have never forgotten that,
you have NO real idea,
how valuable, you, and, your information,
has been to me, at the time,
it was eXactly what i needed to hear,
and, in many ways,
it slowed me down,
and, speed me up, at the same time,
and, allowed me to re_evaulate everything,
there is magic,
to be mined,
in good eXchanges

we are here,
all of us,
to pick up these "the seeds of light"
for they are a true gift,
an awakening to the world,
for the gift of their presence,
in the present,
in this NOW, it iS pivotal

yes, we will have fun,
on this thread

to all of those who choose...
to enter the light of this thread,
be warned, it is,
our intention,
to light up, parts of you,
that will allow you,
to become part of this web...
for, it is a grand tapestry,
here, that we are weaving,
with you, or without you,
it will come into being

for here, we will NOT embrace the dark,
instead, we will send the dark love,
to us, love is a gift, to them, love is a poison.

love is,
the highest eXpression of truth,
NEVER forget that.

Here we will start a process of eXchanging,
each to the other, in ways in which,
our hearts might beat a little faster,
where our minds might be expanded a little further,
and, where "no_thing" or "no_body"
but, the "real" light will get it in, or get it !!!

It is a wonderful time, to be alive

Plant your seeds...and, watch how your garden will grow

Will it to be, so, it will be,

It is time, to let the "real" eXchanges begin ...

it is the part of me that matters,
it is the part of you that matters,
it is the place, where we bring both back together again,
and, create an "us" -- so, all of us, can be whole again

Brightest blessings of energy, light and love to all

the eXchanger
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