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Default Re: My new census form came in the mail.

Ten years ago, I received one of the long forms. By the time that I thought that I had completed the questions, I was exhausted. I sent it in and a few days later got a phone call from them. I evidently had not answered all of the questions. But I believe that I really did.

Unfortunately, I had not made a copy of the thing and had no way to prove that the additional questions asked me over the phone, were not really on that form.

These additional questions were so strange that I started laughing over the phone. This caller was asking extremely detailed questions about things that were simply none of their business.

This go around, I received the short quick form. They evidently had gotten all of the info that they wanted the first time.

If anyone receives the long form, I suggest that you fill it in as best you can and then make a copy of it in case you get called.
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