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Default Re: blood groups, dna and its relation to 'now'

I have AB RH-, so called the copper line of blood. Other call it blue blood, because copper-based blood turns blue-green upon oxidizing.

But.. well. It is something hard to describe, but I always knew that we are not alone in the Universe. My mother thinks the same, she is also of AB RH-. Of course, thinking that we are not alone has nothing with the waking up process.
Personally, I feel that I have a huge inner conflict. Let's say, I don't have a great compassion and love for humanity. I could not understand why we are such pests, why we are hurting each other and animals? Why do we kill? Why do we rape? etc.. My personal motto is "Wer die Menschen kennt, liebt die Tiere", it means "He/She, who knows the human race, loves animals."

But I work hard to overcome my programming via genetics. It is not blood/genetics which makes you, It is your soul personality which makes you.
I want to experience better Earth, so first I should change myself.

Anyway, look at Native Americans for example Iroques or Cherokee Indians, they have also high percentage of AB RH- blood, and for me they are highly awakened. I would like to be like them one day.
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