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Default from O+ to O-

Originally Posted by THE eXchanger View Post

does anyone know why rh negative O blood, can NOT be cloned
yet it is a universal blood donor ? anyone can get it,
however, only rh neg O- can get rh neg O
Originally Posted by Mikey View Post
the sudden emergence of the rhesus O negative group which can not be explained and by most accounts points towards an unearthly origin and an awkwardly scientifically unexplanation.

This is so weird,
everybody in my family, in my blood line are O blood,
and so is everybody in my children's father's family,

my children are both O -,

I was myself O+ until 911 day, when I had blood transfusion due to inner bleeding.

As now when I and my daughter have visited ten times the hemophilist (is that the right spelling for blood specialists ?),
due to the tendency to bleed easily, they say that I am O- as well.


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