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Talking Re: blood groups, dna and its relation to 'now'

Mikey as always when a question that catches my attention is posted then I have to search for the answers, Surprisingly enough I stop looking for other people answers and just sit and trust that the answers will come to me.
The genes or blood group do have a correlation to the NOW. Not so much blood types but your gene pool. My brother and sisters are all from different mothers, same father, I did not meet then until in my mid 30's, my father took off when I was a baby and I never saw him again until I found him here in PR. My sisters all live in the states. To make a long story short, you might say the intellectual capacity of all of my brother and sisters are off the charts. Now this cannot be a coincidence. Why is that ? That is a very good question, now is there a universal gene pool that connects people like us, I am talking about we the people in this forum. Are we interconnected in a cognitive level ? I believe so, despite our hang ups different levels of maturity we are indeed connected mentally, maybe is because there's an invisible cognitive highway in which like minded people begin to tap into another reality. More to come.
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