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Default Re: Warning: VERY CONTROVERSIAL - holocaust

personally first,then the world.yesterday was just that,tommorow doesnt exist.
that leaves today.
that dramatically reduces the size of the problem.peace,love and harmony from there.
now it gets really complicated,lol.cause it seems to me that loving your neighbor,like your self,has become extremely foreign to most people in the world.
i dont know why.
on the personal front,i am aware that we/us/them/they and those folks are brothers and sisters,directly related to trees.ya,i know,mind boggling amazing.
it makes me sad at same time ,because i can see how simple the solution is.
for whatever reason it is a concept that for the most part is lost.

how to eliminate the fear of each other,so we can get down to loving, giving
in a more harmonious relation with mother earth.simple and yet so complicated.

nobody is gonna save it starts with i need some help,lol.

i recorded this today down at the river.
theres a couple crows singing in the middle.they must have known i was recording,lol.
i did four,and crows sang in two of them.the wind chimed in also.

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