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Talking Re: blood groups, dna and its relation to 'now'

I honestly do not know if DNA and the awakening is related to our blood type, I am O positive. I spend months reading thesis upon thesis and scientific papers about the DNA in particular junk DNA. After a few years of research I have understood DNA to be a language code. It is of course not written as a common language like for example English, is written in vibrational codes. I guess you might say your inactive DNA contains special messages that when we begin to decipher this language code is like finding the keys that open a familiar beautiful door to a room hidden from your mind instead this special room is connected to your heart . The language code of each person's DNA is unique that is why some people are awaken from a very early age while others might take an entire lifetime or many lifetimes. Is being able to communicate with the world via this special room that contains a library of information that can only be decipher by activating your inactive DNA or junk DNA which is not junk at all.Since this is not physical per say I don't think it affects your physical body rather it affects your cognitive awareness as it connects to your heart. Think about it is like trying to walk with your hands instead of your legs our view is 360 degrees different. It transport you to another dimension. This is just my view , Mikey you bring a good point about blood types so for me is another thing to research in connection to DNA activation. Thank you for this thread.

Blessings to all..
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